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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vacation Rewards?
Vacation Rewards is a travel program only for members, offering exclusive below-market rates on resorts, hotels, cruises, flights and car rentals.
Why should I sign up to Vacation Rewards?
With Vacation Rewards, you’ll have access to exclusive 'member-only' rates on all of your travel and vacation needs, PLUS, you’ll also have access to book resorts, hotels, cruises, flights, car rentals and more. Our goal is to help our members find all of their travel needs at the best price, and in one place. When you’re happy, that makes us happy – this is our mission.
What is the cost?
There is no cost (Free) to sign up and enroll as a basic member of Vacation Rewards. You will get access to Savings Credits giving you access to great savings on all your vacation needs.

Additionally, we do offer upgraded subscriptions from as little as $5.99 per month that include additional Savings Credits, special perks, exclusive offers and discounts and higher levels of concierge service.
How does it work?
Signing up for Vacation Rewards takes less than a minute. Plus, anyone who signs up will receive a free Travel Credit (Savings Credits) on their account instantly. You will be able to use the Savings Credits to discount some travel products. Some products will just have exclusive member pricing where you won't event need to use your Savings Credits. You will always be able to get more Savings Credits to keep saving on your future travel needs.
What are Vacation Rewards Savings Credits?
Vacation Rewards Savings Credits are a form of currency/payment that you can use to discount or 'buy down' the cost of your vacation. You use them to discount the markup other travel retailers place on Cruises, Hotels, Resorts, Car Rentals and Guided Vacations (Tours).

You earn Savings Credits when you sign up as well as when you engage in other 'Earn' activities with us, such as updating your profile, booking travel and more. Upgraded members receive even more value and Savings Credits.

To find out more about upgrade options visit: Membership Options >>
How do I receive my credit?
Simply activate your Vacation Rewards account online and your Travel Credit (Savings Credits) will be added to your account instantly. You can use this credit now, or save it for the future on your next travel booking.
What travel options are available with Vacation Rewards?
As a member with Vacation Rewards, you’ll get access to exclusive member-only prices and the ability to save using your Savings Credits, Loyalty Points and more.

We have the widest range of travel and vacation options worldwide, including;
  • 900,000+ Resort and Hotel Accommodations,
  • 10,000+ Cruises,
  • 3,000+ Tours and Guided Vacations,
  • Car Hire and Rentals.
  • Domestic and International Flights
You can conveniently speak to one of our real and experienced travel team on 1-800-571-6817 or Book Online >>